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Home improvement, repair and maintenance services to help keep your Home, well, A Home Sweet Home - Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, Appliance Repair, Landscapers etc.

Carpet, Flooring & House Cleaning Services

Get your carpet and floors professionally cleaned every couple of months to increase your comfort and the life of the your flooring, call these Carpet Cleaners and get a quote. For the rest of your home use one of these House Cleaning services. Is it time to replace or repair your flooring, check out these Carpet and Flooring Retailers. Did you know that cleaning your ventilation system (Air Ducts) every year helps reduces allergens and keep your allergies in control? These Air duct cleaning services are what you need to get started. Don't neglect the upholstery which can trap a lot of dust. Call an upholstery cleaner. Remember to do this after getting your Air ducts cleaned.

Professional Home Services

Got locked out of your house or car, call a locksmith. Need to get some electrical work, perhaps some wiring for a new hot tub electricians can help you out. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning services are plentiful in case you have a heating or cooling problem. Plumbers can save your day and Roofers can keep a roof on your head. When the rain hits and you notice that your gutters are clogged with all the tree leaves and debris you will need to call some Gutter cleaners and then call the Tree service folks and address the root cause of the gutter clog

Perhaps you have some pests in or around your house that keep you up at night - no, not the kids, I mean the rats or the gofers or termites or the like. Take advantage of these Pest control services and get them terminated. Depending on where you live you should get your house painted every 10 to 15 years. Interior painting can be done on a different schedule, but these Painters can come in and give you an estimate. Similarly for Landscaping you should consider changing your lawn every 5 to 7 years. Fencing normally wears out in 12 to 15 years, call these Fencing contractors for a quote on a new fence or repair of a section.

Many things can go wrong with Garage Doors that forces you to leave your car outside. If this is your situation call a Garage door professional and get it fixed. Same thing with your appliances, a Garage door pro can't repair your appliance but these appliance repair services can help you. Be sure to get multiple quotes.

Pool and Spa Services

If you have a pool in your backyard, invite me over for a party - just kidding, you probably need some pool maintenance services and pool and spa supplies to keep that pool in great condition.

Home Improvement

Let's start with the floor because that's probably the most used part of your house. If you think you need to get some new flooring either carpeting, hard wood or tiles these carpet and flooring stores offer a great selection of products and professional installation services. Does your house need a lighting upgrade or better windows. A new fireplace sure sounds awesome. Maybe you can change the ambiance with some new upholstery. Kitchens and Bathrooms are next. If you plan to remodel either of them you should check out these kitchen and bath showrooms and suppliers. Were you considering remodeling the interior, well we recommend you consult some interior designers.

Solar Energy

We are already at the top of the house. You probably know that the world is running out of natural resources to produce energy, if you want your kids and grand kids to have a good life, invest in solar power for your home or office. Your kids will love you for it, plus you can enjoy some tax credits too.


Considering extending your house or building a deck or something to increase your property's value, here are some resources to get you started. construction supplies, general contractors, deck and patio builders, sewer & drainage services and carpenters.

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Home Services in Cupertino

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